10 Things To Do in Belgrade, Serbia [With Photos]

If you are in Serbia, it’s impossible to not move to Belgrade, that the nation’s capital. But have you got some thoughts on the potential things to do Belgrade, Serbia? ) If not, then you are on the ideal page.

We supplied the listing so it is possible to take note of everything and where you need to visit when you arrive in this fantastic town in Serbia. Belgrade provides attractions that will provide you the opportunity to understand and experience the Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman, Serbian and Austrian empires firsthand. 

Here would be the Things To Do at Belgrade, Serbia That We Recommend

Things To Do in Belgrade, Serbia

Offering good views, The Belgrade Fortress provides a lot of background. It includes those old citadel and Kalemegdan Park. As you input this old fortress, you are going to be faced with World War II. There are tanks and missiles inside. And if you are within the park overlooking the rivers out of the elevation of this fortress, it is simple to see why it was such a precious strategic place for the many battles which were fought . This is a must-visit. During the night or day, with no hurry, take some time and journey back in the past.

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Things To Do in Belgrade, Serbia

Knez Mihailova is the key pedestrian zone in Belgrade using a lot of stores, street artists, museums, cafes, and restaurants. ) Expect a great deal of folks everywhere, but really comes alive in the night. Because of its place, it is thought of as the core of the old town and leads you right to the park and Belgrade Fort. It’s somewhat busy though due to the tourists, but it’s still a superb car-free place in the middle of town.

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Things To Do in Belgrade, Serbia
Photo by Espino Family CC BY-SA 2.0

This could be one of the greatest things to do in Belgrade, Serbia. Visiting this classic street in Belgrade is worth your trip. Skadarlija is includes trendy vibrant restaurants with a lot of artwork on the buildings. These buildings are really scenic and quite soothing from the eyes. Staying this is this kind of fun thing to do, select from a number of authentic restaurants with terraces that permit you to see the nightlife, and listen to traditional live music and revel in a beverage. Have a superb second here in Skadarlija!

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An area that will provide you a  perfect view of Belgrade and Danube. The Millenary Monument is a distinctive and elegant tower with various kinds of architecture. The entry fee can also be affordable. From the very best, you may see the rivers and Zemun and Belgrade. If you are searching for a wonderful view, you need to go here.

Things To Do in Belgrade, Serbia
Photo by Milan Milan CC BY-ND 2.0

Going into Ada Ciganlija is completely one of the greatest things to do in Belgrade, Serbia. Whether you’re trying to find a beach, lake, picnic areas, beer garden, water skiing, bike or rollerblades leasing, golfing, fishing, fishing, restaurants and cafes, or sightseeing — you name it and it is available at Ada Ciganlija lake. Summer or Spring, that this is one of the greatest areas in Belgrade. The water from the lake is hot and quality is regulated. Having a relaxing and effective day here is exactly like no other.

Things To Do in Belgrade, Serbia
Photo by Milan Milan CC BY-ND 2.0

St. Sava Temple is one of the biggest East Orthodox church buildings in the world. Boasting with magnificent beauty, the church is attractive both inside and outside. When you move here, you also have to observe the crypt found underground of this temple. The crypt alone is already worth a trip. You may shoot lots of really great pictures from the exterior. There is a gift store in the main lobby if you would like to get some souvenirs.

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Things To Do in Belgrade, Serbia

If you are in Belgrade, then you need to pay a visit to the Danube River. It is your second-longest river in Europe. You can have a beautiful walk along the river banks or even ride a ship. There are numerous restaurants across the river to select from. This is probably one of the greatest trips you are going to need in Belgrade. Eating in several restaurants around the lake or even dance in the day is really something you have never noticed before. And that is all potential from the Danube River.

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Things To Do in Belgrade, Serbia
Photo by Milan Milan CC BY-ND 2.0

If you desire a rest in the urban portion of Belgrade and you are needing some new breath in character and a gorgeous aerial view of Serbia’s funding and its outskirts, subsequently this is the best place to begin with! The Avala Tower gives you the opportunity to admire the scenic view of part of this lovely Serbian picture round the Avala hill, and to love the adrenalin created by the fascinating top of this Tower itself. If you have free time as you’re in Belgrade, move ahead and see this gem.

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If you desire some mindblowing artwork, Museum of Illusions is where to be. It is equally educational and entertaining. There have been various chances for shooting memorable photographs. It’s pleasure not just for the children but also for adults. The museum is well provisioned, with virtually every illustration of baffling, overwhelming and stupefying illusion that your mind can not process and confuse you with. There are explanations out there in Serbian and English which will notify you of what about those illusions. Going here in the Museum of all Illusions is quite enjoyable and interesting, it is possible to shoot photos and videos, and simply have a fantastic experience!

Things To Do in Belgrade, Serbia
Photo by belgraded.com CC BY 2.0

Whether you are a fan of football or not, the Red Star Belgrade Stadium is a must-see. Why? Stadiums and museums are all compulsory to see whenever you’re in Belgrade.

It is a manifestation of the genuine second in Serbian football in addition to the period of fantastic success previously. There’s also a museum connected to the stadium that’s full of history and observes the numerous other European clubs that have played over time. You’d also learn far in the stadium’s curator who’s very knowledgeable about everything related to the stadium and the groups that played with here. 

These things to do in Belgrade, Serbia are only guides and it does not end here. With Serbia’s amazing landmarks and attractions, we can definitely state that it’s a whole lot more to offer you. If you are into research more about this amazing Balkan nation, then we advise you to prepare as seeing here are a entire blast.

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