15 Things to Perform in Dinard, France

Are you likely to visit Dinard, France shortly?  Read our hints below on the things to do Dinard with hints on where to stay, the way to get about, and the top restaurants to test!

Dinard is a commune located in the northwestern portion of France. Because of its beautiful beaches and mild climate, it turned into an ideal destination for men and women that are looking to get a fantastic vacation.

Photo by Vincent Giersch

But not only that, but you’d also find amazing restaurants and lavish hotels that could finish your dream vacation retreat. Now let us all detect what Dinard, France has for vacationers!

15 Things to perform in Dinard, France

1. ) Promenade du Clair p Lune

Things to do in Dinard, France
Photo by Objectif Nantes CC BY 2.0


Take a romantic stroll, watch the sunset, examine the celebrities, admire the beauty of the sea. You can do everything in Promenade du Clair p Lune. Either you are with your spouse, family or friends, it’s all potential. Walking can not be so amazing once you’re in this area. 

2. Plage de l’Ecluse

Things to do in Dinard, France
Photo by Dude Pascalou CC BY 2.0


A beautiful sandy beach that is fantastic for a family escape. With that the gorgeous view of St. Malo from this shore, you would definitely enjoy your stay here. It is huge and clean, there are a whole lot of facilities which tourists would gain from. Pack your items and bring your loved ones here for a memorable trip!

3. Villa Les Roches Brunes

Villa Les Roches Brunes is situated in the tip of Malouine which makes this area a excellent place to view beautiful panoramic views. This villa is home to different exhibitions. Such a ideal spot for your vacation escape.

4. ) Breizh Escape

My personal favorite! This will definitely get you thrilled and excited at precisely the exact same moment. An escape match perfect together with your friends or loved ones! You must solve puzzles in a limited time (for approximately 30 mins to 1 hour). If you could not, you would neglect to escape, but do not worry since they would nevertheless open the door for you. But the sensation of solving all the puzzles are really satisfying, right? So take the battle and deliver your squad !

5. ) Sentier des douaniers

Things to do in Dinard, France
Photo by Fabio Achilli CC BY 2.0



It is a beautiful stroll from Trestraou shore to Ploumanach. Experience that the fantastic feeling of walking across the pink granite coast which was shaped a million decades back. Take great images and make great memories while drifting in this great location.

6. ) Dinard Street Market

A fantastic market that is worth your trip. There are many items like clothing, food, homeware and far more. The place can also be clean, a great deal of entertaining and fun things to do. Prepare to make a list so that you won’t overlook anything to purchase as this market provides a good deal.

7. ) Eglise Anglicane Saint Bartholomew

A very simple and standard church on the exterior, but if you get inside, you will be astounded by how brilliant the church is. With its ease and serene setting, you would really find peacefulness if you visit this superb church.

8. ) Barrage de la Rance

15 Things to do in Dinard, France
Photo by Daniel Jolivet CC BY 2.0

This isn’t only a normal bridge. It is the energy supply of power and has been constructed from the 1960s. This bridge is the perfect example of excellent engineering. If ever you are passing through this bridge, stop by for some time and discover how it functions. 

9. Pointe du Moulinet

Great perspectives will welcome you while you walk in Pointe du  Moulinet. See the gorgeous sea and stunning gardens while walking. Don’t forget to bring your camera as the situations which you will notice are very scenic. 

10. Les Halles et le Marche

15 Things to do in Dinard, France
Photo by Banzai Hiroaki CC BY 2.0

An area which has different local products. A fantastic spot for those that wish to purchase fresh food such as beef, vegetables,  bread, fish and far more. With a great deal of things to select from, you’d really devote quite a while searching for the ideal one that you demand.

11. Parc p Port Breton

This 23-hectare park includes a manor house, sea views, a rose garden, wildlife & much more. Kids would certainly love staying here, but naturally, adults also! The area is really relaxing and beautiful.

12. Plage p Saint-Enogat

15 Things to do in Dinard, France
Photo by Peter Hurford CC BY 2.0

A superb beach ideal for your summer getaway! There will also be nearby cafes wherein it is possible to purchase any drink that you enjoy while walking on this shore.

13. Statue d’Alfred Hitchcock

It is an excellent statue of a renowned filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock. This statue is stunning it can be an ideal topic for photography.

14. Chemin p Ronde

15 Things to do in Dinard, France
Photo by pedrik CC BY 2.0

With a magnificent view of character and magnificent structure of this building, you really can not fail in this location. Have that a wonderful walk along the shore with magnificent views of the sea and the villas that edge this route. You may take nice pictures also.

15. Notre Dame d’Emeraude p Dinard

Dinar along with the main cathedral of this city produce a complete feeling of suspended moment. Slow rhythm, grey Gothic and bright blossoms, sea atmosphere — something which won’t ever be forgotten. Someone who enjoys seeing old churches may like going here.

15 Things to do in Dinard, France
Photo by Vincent Giersch

How to head to Dinard, France in the UK


Via Ryanair: (one way)
*From London Stansted into Dinard, France
Ticket Price generally begins at Number 12. 99

* Prices are subject to change. You can see Skyscanner for additional information about the ticket rates. [/box]

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