Budget Kitchen Makeover Ideas: 7 Easy Updates for below $1000

Today that I wish to discuss budget kitchen makeover ideas that I’ve really executed in the real world.

I guess you will appreciate the simple fact that I am not just suggesting ideas for the sake of it.  Most if not all of the below tips I have finished in real customer kitchens. So I will tell you with certainty that they are not just cheap, but they look great also. Because there is nothing worse than sites throwing out hacks they have never really tried. You understand the ones.

So strap yourself in for a few money-saving suggestions to choose your kitchen next degree. They’re all under $1000 too. Most are just a few hundred dollars, actually, so I hope that they give you some food for thought.

Drop me a remark at the end of the article if you have some queries. Or let me know whether you’ve implemented any of those clever budget kitchen thoughts at your location!

Hero picture above through norsu.

1. ) Paint Tired Splashback Tiles: from $57

I was always somewhat cynical of tile . I would read previously it was simple to use and was super cheap. But I simply was not sure the outcome will be slick. Then, I used it on a budget kitchen makeover once I was filming Changing Rooms and the outcome was fantastic (if I do say so myself).

It’s really really simple to apply. And it is a reasonable way to choose what may be beige or yellow-ish kitchen tiles at a new white direction. It simply removes the outdated feel of old tiles, which can be often what era a kitchen terribly. It’s also great at hiding the old fashioned decorative tiles which are frequently featured in kitchens that are more mature.

The video over from Bunnings is precisely the way I did it on Changing Rooms. Have an opinion.

Make it Happen: click here to shop White Knight tile paint.

2. Replace older Kitchen Cabinet Handles: from $3. 98

This is just another of my budget kitchen remodel ideas I have done in the real world. You’d be amazed just how much replacement older-style kitchen manages can raise the expression of weary cabinets.

Many older design kitchens have silver grips with what we would now believe to be elderly profiles or contours. They’re overly curved, overly elaborate. Modern kitchens prefer a sleek and modern handle, so it is time to upgrade.

The simplest means to do it would be to assess the distance in the present handle holes at the cabinetry and find a handle using the identical hole width. That manner you do not need to fill in any holes, or drill new ones.

If you’ve old handles with only one drill hole, why don’t you try something such as a matte black round knob? Depending about the type of your kitchen this could result in a super stylish and modern appearance.

Image above through Anita Yokota.

Meir black kitchen tap and sink on white marble countertop and splashback

3. ) New Sink and Tapware: circa $900

I have never met a black sink and exploit that I have not liked. And to be honest, I really don’t see them relationship anytime soon. They deliver an extremely contemporary vibe into your kitchen and I guess you will love them for a long time to come.

Now, that is very likely to be the largest expense of my budget kitchen remodel ideas. But I genuinely think that it’s well worth it only because the sink and faucet could become the new focus of your area. And should you have what could be considered a rather nominal white kitchen, a pop of black on your sink and faucet might be precisely what the decoration physician ordered.

If you set up new black cupboard handles it might tie the whole look together. Now that has some significant new-kitchen vibes correct there.

If you would like to search for black taps and sinks, I’m a fan of this supplier, which is pictured above.

hamptons style kitchen from metricon bayville display home

4. New Over-Bench Pendants: from $52

In a customer home lately I replaced four of her aluminum pendants for a few smoked black glass pendants and the end result was enormous. So trust me once I state that new lighting can dramatically alter the appearance and feel of the area. And as it comes to budget makeover ideas, this one could be super cheap.

Pendant height may frequently be tricky for people to find out, so I put together this simple guide for you about the right elevation to hang pendant lighting. Give it a read following this article if you want. It’ll save a lot of time and money.

And in case you would like a few ideas for cheap kitchen pendant lighting, check out this supplier. I use them some of my endeavors and they are fabulous.  Image above through Metricon Home – so chic!

Delonghi distinta kitchen appliances in copper colour

5. ) New Coloured Appliances: from $39

Coloured kitchen appliances have turned into a different obsession of mine. ) They simply bring a little interest and character to a kitchen. And do not be worried if you are not a massive colour fan. I am not suggesting you need to unexpectedly adopt a purple toaster and kettle. There are somewhat more subdued colors available with small minutes of gold or aluminum and they’re able to elevate the entire space a little. Of class, if you’d like to go whole hog such as in the image above, I am all for this.

Morphy Richards and DeLonghi (previously ) are a fave of mine to get colored appliances, however you may also locate divine ones like this in budget chains such as Kmart. In reality, I’ve a roundup of the top colored appliances right here for you whether you are keen.

When in regards to budget kitchen makeover ideas, I really like this one much since they are things you will use on-the-daily. Who does not love form-meets-function!?

the block 2018 kitchens norm and jess tan leather stools

6) New Bar Stools: from $24

I do not need to advocate only throwing items away and buying new things all the time. So if there is a chance to upcycle your present stools, why don’t you give it a try? For instance I revamped these Kmart stools from the picture previously when I did one of my latest budget kitchen makeovers. I just took the wood part off the surface, coated it in foam along with a decorative cloth, and basic gunned down it. So I have a cushy fresh stool without even throwing the older ones off.

That stated, if you are wanting to search for some new stools, then it is best that you read my feces manual . Because there are some blunders you can make here. The post also comes with my shirt 10 cheap as chips feces alternatives, which means you will be spoilt for choice.

Image above through the block shop.

kitchen bench vignette with tall vase and round timber tray

7. New Decor Moments: from $0!

We’ve attained the maximum budget of their budget kitchen remodel ideas: brand new decor! And again, you do not need to purchase all-new. You could only wander around your home (as I frequently do) and move items around. Swapping plants out in your benchtop, moving candles round; just a overall re-stage of this distance.

If you are wanting to bring into a new decorative component, I really like the concept of a tray from the spout which houses a glorious hand soap, floral and candle moment. So smart, so straightforward, so very affordable!

Image above through white grey all day.

What are a few of your favorite budget kitchen remodel tips that you’ve implemented in your home? I would really like to hear from you in the comments below.

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