Luxury house tour — a part one! (And one of my favorites! ) )

Hello there! It’s that time again — time to talk about some gorgeous homes at our local Home-A-Rama at Indy. I eventually got to the show (it is going through this weekend) and also the houses didn’t disappoint! 

As consistently, I’m sharing a few of my favorite spaces at the houses with you. There were houses in the excursion and I’m sharing the first two now. One of my favorites was in this particular group, and yet another favorite I’ll share following week. 

I noticed a Couple of trends overall from the decoration and layout values noting (for my fellow decoration blossoms ): 

  • Black windows were unquestionably the fad and that I adored it. I love the appearance! All one house had black trimmed windows. 
  • The colour grey isn’t going anywhere in style! It was anywhere and I really loved it. Doors, walls, cabinets — you name it! Tons of grey bedrooms. I understand many are tired of this grey fashion, but I really love the warm, comfy vibe of grey walls in a space. 
  • Wallpaper was anywhere and I really like that too! I’ve used wallpaper several times in our house — it’s back in a major way! It was used frequently as a accent wall supporting beds, in baths, mud rooms. . .all over!
  • Most of those kitchens didn’t have white cupboards. Out of those five kitchens just one had whitened and it had been my favorite. Most were timber or darker colours, particularly in cellar kitchenettes, pubs and baths. Tons of grey and dark blue with metal hardware — adore!

Let’s have a tour, will we? The first house was one of my top two favorites! : 

Built by: Wedgewood Building Company 

What I adored about this house:

  • The gray/wood cabinets during in Addition to the darker cabinets at the cellar
  • The fairly, big scale peony background in a toilet
  • The master bath with it’s beautiful tile wall and Gorgeous symmetry 
  • The fairly wood kitchen cabinets along with the cut out space to your stovetop — just magnificent! 
  • The glass wine cupboard in kitchen. . .hello. Yes. 
  • Brick tile from the sand room 

It’s difficult to tell it , but metal sheeting in the cabinets seems like bamboo — it was SO SO fairly and I’m obsessed with that. 

Light wood cabinets black mirror bathroom

Dark stand alone tub with tile accent wall

Gray cabinets brick floor mud room

Cut out for built in oven wood cabinets

Light gray wood cabinets kitchen

Double round chandelier modern dining

Built in wine cellar kitchen

wood cabinets kitchen white counters
Beautiful correct? The stairs was amazing also — you can view a little of it from the photo above. (Similar layout as my fireplace disclose this week — Thank you to your kind remarks!) 

The next home on the tour had a fairly Cape Cod texture on the outside

Light gray house aqua accents

Built by: Viewegh and Associates

This one had any funkier bits here and there and that I was not a huge lover of the kitchen, however there were lots of spaces I really adored! 

My favorites within this house: 

  • The pitched wood flooring at a bedroom using birch wallpaper (again, love the symmetry)’
  • The magnificent master bath with timber beams 
  • Gray grasscloth wallpaper in the master — that the entire room had a very romantic sense
  • The dark blue/gray closets in the basement kitchen. So like this Cyberspace colour I’ve utilized in our residence. (Do I dare maintain in moving in our cellar?) ;-RRB- 

Birch tree wallpaper kids room

Romantic bathroom clawfoot tub gray tile

Wood beams in master bathroom dark cabinets

Pitched ceiling with grasscloth master bedroom

Small kitchenette in master bedroom

Dark blue stacked tile in shower

Dark blue gray basement bar cabinets

What would you believe? What was the favorite area in both of these houses? I can not wait to show you that my other favorite!

If you’re local to Indy the series runs during this Sunday. You’ll locate a lot of inspiration!

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