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China’s travel industry counts cost of coronavirus

As general health issues grow over a brand new virus, the effect has been felt by China’s tourism and travel industry. More compared to 400m Chinese have been expected to travel across the Lunar New Year which begins today, generally one of the busiest periods for airlines, hotels and tourist attractions. Instead, flights and hotels have been cancelled as individuals face travel restrictions or opt to remain home… [read more]

Luxury aviation at the time of flight pity

Sales of personal jets are skyrocketing but luxury aviation will not stay immune from the outcome of the flight shame motion considerably longer. Will new high-end traveling alternatives take off? What about old-fashioned airships propelled by new tech? … [read more]

Coronavirus fallout: Luxury cruise with greater than 5000 onboard quarantined in Shenzhen

A luxury cruise ship with over 5000 individuals aboard has been quarantined once it reached the port of Shenzhen in south China on Sunday early as it had been taking nearly 150 individuals with a history of visiting the fundamental Chinese state of Hubei, in the middle of the continuing novel Coronavirus outbreak) 13 men on the boat were discovered to have symptoms of fever and their reports are sent for analysis, said police. At least 148 vacationers on the boat, Costa Venezia, had seen Wuhan, local press reported, adding that all the passengers were independently checked for the disease… [read more]

Check to the world’s most expensive suites of 2020

Two hundred million dollars: that is what it will cost you to remain in the most expensive hotel suite in the Earth, which is situated in Las Vegas and that has to be reserved for at least 2 nights. Elite Traveler, a magazine spread on board personal jets, recently released its ranking of the world’s greatest and most costly suites. Among these costly suite encounters, The United States and Switzerland, and more exactly Geneva, accounts for most of the institutions… [read more]

The Number 300m luxury hotel with a secret tunnel to Harrods

A Number 300m luxury hotel growth using a key tunnel to Harrods was given the green light from the local planning committee. The Knightsbridge hotel will probably be a one minute walk in the legendary London department shop, but additionally comprises a disused underground pedestrian and products tunnel linking the two websites… [read more]

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