My top ten BEST organizing hacks and projects!

It’s that time of the year! Are you decluttering? Or as I like to call it, decrapifying? It’s a GREAT feeling, right? 

I don’t do a massive purge every year anymore because I keep up with it throughout the year much better than I used to. I don’t bring nearly as much into the house either. This decluttering method I shared with you years ago has really changed how I deal with stuff. 

But I still like to lighten things around here around this time! Getting rid of crap is pretty much one of my favorite things to do. 

THIS post is more about organizing what you do have though! I’ve gathered some of my absolute favorite organization DIY projects from over the years — from both our old house and this home. I hope you’ll find them as helpful as they have been for us!

Gift wrap and party supply storage 

You can see the sources for everything in that post, so check that out for more! I find, when in doubt it helps to go vertical with your storage. Utilizing wall space is so smart!

I used what are supposed to be plastic bag holders to store our wrapping paper: 

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You can see that whole, beautiful 😍 organized mud room closet here. It’s my favorite.

Photo and kid art storage 

This linen closet is another favorite — it holds all kinds of random stuff. Tissues, candles and plug ins, toilet paper…stuff we reach for often. I use those basic boxes for photo storage:

I would buy one for every school year (sadly they aren’t needed as much anymore as he gets older!) and would only allow myself what would fit in there. They are super sturdy and long enough to hold big art. 

Hidden magnetic storage inside cabinets 

This is one of my favorite little DIY hacks I came up with years ago. A project that went wrong turned into this hidden memo board and worked so well for us!: 
I loved that they were easily accessible but also hidden away. It would also be a great spot to hold measuring spoons and cups if you use these little magnetic hooks

CD/DVD/video game storage without cases 

OK, OK. We’re living in the Stone Age that we even still have these, I know. Maybe you’ll completely gone digital with your music and movies, but I can’t part with them! 

I learned years ago that we could save SO MUCH space if I took them out of their cases to store them. These soft DVD cases hold a ton and will save you a crazy amount of space: 

We use them for computer disks, movies, CDs and video games. (Back in the day I donated all of my plastic cases to a photographer but I’m not sure if they use them anymore or not?)

How to store little trinkets and tools

Perfect organization for small hardware like screws and nails
I used my trusty label maker to label everything. I couldn’t live without this set of little drawers! I’ve had it for years and it’s held up beautifully. The only issue I have is it’s so heavy I can’t hang it. I still need to find a good spot for it! 

Organizing jewelry and shoes (in a pretty way!)

pretty linen storage for jewelry

I don’t think pretty organization is necessary by any means…but it does help, right? I find I just keep up with it more when it looks good!

Storage for long and short necklaces

That piece isn’t made for necklaces but works so well! 

You can also see how I organize our shoes in that post: 

protected, stackable shoe storage

If you’re lucky enough to have built ins in your closet, you probably don’t need these see-through shoe boxes. But until I redo this closet and customize every inch, I love these plastic bins for shoes. I can see exactly what I’m looking for and they keep the shoes dust-free. Plus they stack and allow me to go vertical with my storage. 

Actually, I’ll probably keep them even when I do have beautiful shoe shelves someday! 😉 

DIY Nerf gun storage 

DIY Nerf gun storage wall

I recreated this in our new house, it worked so well! Although our boy is starting to grow out of them now. (I’m kinda sad but will NOT MISS THE BULLETS. 😂)

Utilizing storage space under kitchen cabinets 

DIY hacks to get more usable space out of cabinets

I’ve done the whole scrap wood shelf thing for years — it allows me to use the whole space vertically. It works every time! I also try to store pans and cutting boards…basically anything long and flat, vertically. You can see how I used the awkward space above our fridge like I did here. 

How to create storage space in closet corners 

This is one of my favorite organization projects because it was so cheap and gave me SO much more usable space! If you have a standard, long closet — take advantage of those back corners!: 

Adding shelves in closet corners for more storage

Coat closet organization hacks

And finally, my favorite coat closet organization tricks that I need to repeat in this house! This is a spot I haven’t tackled yet in our new home and need to do. I did a few things in our old closet, including adding a shoe shelf, bag storage behind the door, and cubby organizers for winter gear: 
Hacks to get things organized in coat closet

These allowed me to take full advantage of the space in that closet and keep it organized! I plan to repeat a couple of these in our current coat closet. 

There you go — ten of my favorite DIY organization projects/hacks from over the years. They’ve all served us well! Most of them are super inexpensive and the do-it-yourself aspect is pretty easy. 

Have you tried any of these after seeing them here? Do you have a favorite organization trick you use in your home? 

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