Number 158: Holiday Decorating Around The World

After countless entries from Australia into South Africa, we have rounded up some intriguing (and exceptionally magical ) ways that you men dress up your houses all over the globe to celebrate many different holidays. We enjoyed hearing about what from vibrant Diwali decorations in India to elaborate Nativity scenes in Colombia, together with a vast assortment of stories about who brings the presents (Santa is not the only game in town!) . And we realized there is one common theme that joins pretty much every vacation together across the planet! Plus we are discussing the painful wrench which has been thrown to our master toilet advancement, and the reason why we have to get a word with Taylor Swift. Oh along with the film you ought to run, not walkto see.

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What’s New

  • Those would be the back staircase in our beach house we talked about in the present episode. You can observe those sliver-thin triangular steps round the curve which are particularly tricky. Although it had been one of those past two steps there in the base which I slipped (that are really the simplest aspect of the entire staircase!)
  • These are the transparent stair treads we purchased and will put in this weekend once we head out there. We’ll keep you posted on how they turn out!

  • And in case you missed our incident about the elastic timeline on the toilet (along with other ways we are reducing our stress in this renovation) you can grab all of it in Episode #156.

Global Holiday Decorating Norms

  • Since photos could not be submitted together with all your Instagram answers, I attempted to dig up a few examples of a few of this holiday decorating which people heard about in the present show.
  • There are AMAZING examples of Rangoli layouts which individuals do within the Diwali parties on Google Images( such as this one below in Shanthi Sridharan.

  • We also mentioned a number of the complex Nativity scenes which many people discussed from Latin American states ) Here’s an example I found on Flickr.

  • I also discovered this post using a lot of examples of DIY Advent Wreaths, many using a contemporary appearance to them. (Thanks to Google for offering to translate the webpage for me — ha! ) )

  • Here’s an example of a holiday wreath with eucalyptus leaves (such as a few people in Australia mentioned decorating ). We adore using cut eucalyptus stalks round our home this season since they are so wintery looking — and you’ll be able to get them for cheap in Trader Joe’s! )

And below are a few amazing Hanukkah decorations I found on Google too:

Please notice the vacations represented in the pictures that I discovered above are merely a couple of these traditions from all over the globe that we discussed to the podcast — so listen in to listen to others. From treats being abandoned in sneakers or beneath the mattress, to New Year’s trees and advent wreaths — we found it extremely enjoyable to know about.

  • Also, in case you missed our first episode were we recapped that a great deal of non-holiday-related decorating standards from all over the planet — check out Episode Number 133 and the upgrade we did in Episode Number 145.
  • And in case you are unfamiliar with all the Taylor Swift tune we referenced, you can listen to the lyric from the first couple of moments of this music video.

We’re Digging

  • Here have been the Allbirds shoes I obtained as a joint gift in my sisters. Mine would be the ones displayed on the right (the Runners in “Natural Grey”) however they have tons of different colours and styles. They gave me a gift card so that I could select the colour, and I am so glad that they did because they are crazy comfy!

  • Also here is the trailer for Knives Out. All of the testimonials we have since learned are totally true — it is super entertaining, smart, and humorous (that may be bizarre to say about a murder mystery, but it is accurate ). One of our favorite trips to the films this season!

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Thanks for listening, guys!

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