Number 159: Are You A Maximizer Or A Satisficer? )

Have you thought about your method of making decisions? It ends up that people have a tendency to have two different styles (plus they have elaborate psychological conditions to cooperate with them). The funny revelation is that Sherry & I every exemplify another one. So this week we are discussing what we’ve heard about every kind of decision maker, and the way it can affect everything from the way we pick items for our house to the way we reserved our first global family holiday. We’re also outlining five ways that you may refresh a space without spending ANY money at all. As in zero bucks (Sherry would add a “holla!” right here). Plus, the brand new kid-friendly kitchen action that we are enjoying, the exciting-ish decision to our Color of those Year predictions, and also just how much people will go for bread.

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What’s New

  • If you desire a fantastic primer on Maximizers vs. Satisficers, Gretchen Rubin has a blog post all about them and this article from Psychologist World goes to the subject together with more depth.
  • Plus, it is possible to hear the first section where my refining tendencies came into light in Episode #156 if we were speaking about the way we had been reducing the strain of our master bathroom renovation.

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  • And should you have some “must do” hints for Costa Rica (specifically the region round Manuel Antonio National Park, please tell us!) . We’re headed there for our first global family excursion after Christmas and we are psyched for a few adventures!


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  • You may also hear our entire talk about holiday traditions from all over the planet in a week’s series, Episode Number 158.
  • Pictured above is a photo from Philadelphia’s Mummers Parade we heard about following the first episode aired. I must say it is a whole lot more extravagant than we ever envisioned! More info here.
  • And here’s some advice which debunks the myth of the German pickle ornament and beneath is a video Which Makes me feel like I will never say Newfoundland properly:-RRB-

Zero Budget Ways To Update Your Spaces

  • As guaranteed, here is a recap of the five ways which you may refresh or tweak your rooms without having to spend one dime (because occasionally you’ve got an itch to change up things, but it does not mean your bank accounts must sense it).

1. ) Take items out

  • We’ve talked a great deal about simplifying and diminishing the last few decades, and it amazes us how down things down can bring renewed attention and appreciation into what still left. Plus, that the excess breathing space in an area will allow it to feel different although you did not really bring anything fresh in.

2. Rearrange or reorganize Present furniture or items inside a space

  • Whether it is looking for a fresh arrangement or just shifting art, cushions, or plants round inside the area — a tiny shuffling can provide it a sense of newness and may just unlock a better or more practical design on the way.
  • We talked about the way we rearranged our shore house backyard furniture, which you can read about it in this post, but underneath you can see the new design complete with the dialogue area which didn’t exist earlier. And back, we did not purchase anything additional — only precisely that which we already had. Only took approximately an hour or so trying a couple of things and seeing what we liked best.

  • We also discussed doing so in our master bedroom, where we recently transferred two present dressers to behave as our nightstands. That simple change not only been shown to be more practical for us, the design also feels far more balanced in person because the mirror over the dresser on the ideal imitates the window on the opposite side of the wall.

3. Shop your home

  • Instead of purchasing something brand new, see if it is possible to steal something which you already have from a different area. It may be as large as a carpet (Sherry frequently moves carpets around when she phases houses available ) or as little as a art or lamp switch. That painting over our mattress used to hang over my desk at the workplace, but this past year we moved it upstairs to mix up things. We enjoy it much better up there and also the spare mirror we dangled at the workplace offers me a much better view from the windows out of my desk (even if it’s only a manifestation ).

4. ) Use your leftover supplies or substances

5. ) Add greenery

  • Last but not least, choose some clippers for your lawn and bring back a branch, a blossom, or another greenery which you could pop into a boat which you already have available (pitchers work, as do older vases — hell, even a drinking glass!) . You might be amazed by just how much life and “newness” it adds to a space without spending one dollar.

  • Also, in case you missed our initial conversation that spawned this subject, you can assess our dialogue with private finance expert Tanja Hester at Episode Number 157 (that is where she mentioned that she chose to not invest some money on her house anymore, so she could attain a large financial target ).

We’re Digging

neutral foyer kids game closet

  • There’s the toy & game cupboard that we have within our foyer, though it’s an old image in earlier we transferred each the games into top shelf to keep the bits from becoming “repurposed” for different tasks (oryou know, missing ). No longer Scrooge McDucking together with all the Monopoly Money prior college.
  • And as Sherry guaranteed from the event, below are a few of our favorite family games nowadays (these are games that we can play our children aged 5 & 9).

  • Those are a few of the pancakes we made with the Foodstirs pancake art kit (I made the chihuahua, along with our daughter made that joyful small pancake with hair on the right). We’ve requested to get a few more of the kids’ baking kits for Christmas gifts for the children from the grandparents, and so that ought to be entertaining.
  • If you do not need a kit, you can purchase Foodstirs baking mixes a la cart also (what is natural and non-GMO) therefore we might use these to restock our pancake mixture to create more allure like the ones that you see above.

If you’re searching for something which we have dug previously event, but do not recall which display notes to tap into, here is a master listing of what we have been digging from all our previous episodes. You may also view all the books we have advocated on our Book Club page.

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