The 5 most romantic Places to Suggest in Portugal

Are you likely the most special event of your lifetime, your wedding suggestion?

The suggestion of marriage to the person you love is something which needs to be treasured for ever. The setting, timing and place are so significant. You will probably be speaking about this second for another seventy decades, and that means you really need to ensure the memory is special then, since it’s about the actual day.

Where better to create that particular memory compared to in Portugal? )

Portugal has numerous beautiful locations it will be tough to choose where and how. We are all here to make this choice easier for you together with the selection of our favorite locations to make sure the event is as unique as the person you’re proposing to.

Sintra, Lisbon

Sintra is regarded as one of the most romantic places on earth, a land filled with fairy tale palaces and castles. Where better to select one knee than in the front of a castle, or using a back drop of much reaching natural beauty, that’s the UNESCO region of Sintra?

Choose your castle as well as suggest. Though we do urge visiting from the primary tourist season if you’d like your second to be only the two of you. If you’d prefer someone to photograph this event, there are lots of tour companies that can take you into the most romantic place and catch the moment .

Where to remain

There are lots of 5 star hotels in the Lisbon region, but for authentic love and opulence you can remain in the Sintra Marmoris Palace, a tiny romantic hotel with far reaching and magnificent views.

Where to consume

With 4 michelin starred restaurants in the region, you’ll have a fantastic selection of dining, or see one of many restaurants in town to get a more romantic and intimate encounter with excellent local cuisine.


If you’ve never seen Porto you’ll astounded by the beauty and love of the city, with winding cobbled streets, small corners where you could feel completely alone and a feeling of times gone by.


Use the historic trams and see the town as you cooperate, select where to stop and revel in the ambience out of a tiny romantic café onto a dimly lit back road or a contemporary bar in town center, the decision is yours.

As Porto is scenic, this usually means you could get to see some wonderful sunsets and where better to make that proposition than overlooking town because the sun is setting?

Where to remain

With a fantastic variety of 5 star hotels in town, you won’t be short of options, but in the event that you’d like to enjoy the finest views, The Yeatman luxury wine hotel and spa is considered one of the very best luxury hotels in Porto. It also includes a two star Michelin restaurant that you dine in.

Where to consume

There are 4 michelin starred restaurants in Porto, so you’ve got a excellent selection of places to eat. Antiqvvm Restaurant enjoys a exceptional place in a park at the middle of the town, beside this Museo Romántico and with excellent views of this River Douro from the backyard. You are eating alongside the Museum of Romance! )

Benagil caves around the Algarve

The Algarve has a lot to offer concerning romance, from sunlight setting over the Atlantic Ocean to long idle times on the many magnificent beaches. But if you’re searching for something extra special, why not reserve a boat excursion into the Benagil caves. To create this proposition unique, utilize the SUP’s (stand up paddle boards) to get to the land within the caves.


Here you’ll locate one of the most beautiful all-natural settings to get on one knee, sunlight shining through the stones openings will provide you, your spotlight second.

The best time for this particular excursion is early morning to be sure you stay away from anyone else contemplating doing exactly the identical thing.

Where to remain

The array of hotels and spas around the Algarve is immense, but for that excess bit of luxury, the Hilton Vilamoura As Cascatas Golf Resort & Spa provides peace and tranquillity from the grounds with intimate walks and swimming pools, cascading waterways, lakes and grottos, and is within easy range of this marina for the boat excursion.

Where to consume

With 3 Michelin starred restaurants in the region, you’ll have a fantastic selection of restaurants, however often you may get the ideal place overlooking the marina or even the Atlantic Ocean, in which you like fresh fish cooked in a traditional Portuguese style.

São Miguel, that the Azores

The Azores are one of the very naturally romantic areas in Portugal, if you’re searching for nature, wildlife and fauna you couldn’t find a better place. Imagine going on this long hike to locate breathtaking view factors, or drifting through the Romantic gardens, yes, the António Borges Garden, is really called the Romantic backyard, using a rare group of plants. It additionally boasts caves, ponds, lakes along with a glorious cistern-lookout, constructed of volcanic stone which makes it look part of the magical universe.


Or possibly a boat trip to see dolphins at play along with even the royal whales swimming ? A visit to the organic geo thermal pools is essential, where you are able to allow the waters unwind you with one of the most romantic backdrops you can envision in this natural wonderland. The selection of configurations for your proposition are broad and diverse on this gorgeous island.

Where to remain

The island isn’t big, but you will find a choice of luxury hotels to select from. For that really unique moment why don’t you try the Furnas Boutique Hotel — Thermal & Spa, that includes indoor and outdoor thermal swimming pools plus also a Thermal & Spa Centre? The steam in the thermal pools in the region could be seen rising in the hotel.

Where to consume

There are numerous traditional restaurants around the island, however Casa Velha by Primos featured in The New York Times Style Magazine, is really worth seeing. The Azorean main, Hugo Ferreira who coached in Paris, currently functions a Contemporary Fusion of Portuguese, French and European cuisine, together with vegetarian choices. Though it is hard to book a table online, since there isn’t website. (It really is that great!)


Obidos is recognized as one of the prettiest cities in Portugal, which makes it a ideal place to suggest. A medieval walled town, that’s perfectly maintained and also incredibly scenic, a myriad of cobbled roads, every one as fairly as another, lined with shops, restaurants and cafes.


If you see throughout Spring or Summer town is alive with vibrant color, as crimson and purple bougainvillaea drape across the whitewashed homes which are summarized in yellow or blue paint.

The city is the best place to spend a weekend admiring the structure or walking along the castle walls to get far reaching views of the local valleys. Try the traditional beverage Ginjinha p Óbidos, served in little chocolate cups or see one of the numerous restaurants or pubs as you wander the cobbled roads.

Obidos is a little city, but as a result of its place, you may easily have a visit to one of those Silver shore beaches, a lot of the smaller ones might be nearly abandoned, allowing you that ideal alone time.

Where to remain

Where else do you wish to remain within this walled town, apart from at the authentic castle itself, understood as one of the seven wonders of Portugal, having a romantic background, Pousada perform Castelo p Óbidos was a wedding gift to Queen Santa Isabel throughout their wedding which happened on the website by King D. Dinis.

Where to consume

Unless you’re seeing for any number of times, we’d advise selecting restaurants in town, every one is traditional and serves excellent meals. The ambiance and atmosphere all encourage the closeness of the little city.

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