This simple trick will make your bathroom feel much bigger!

Hey there! I’m back with a quick tip to make any bathroom feel MUCH bigger. At least one with a shower curtain. 🙂 I’ll share an additional tip that I think helps a lot too! 

It’s something I’ve noticed for years — this simple trick makes the eye go up and makes the room feel larger. Remember the huge makeover I did on our son’s bathroom a couple years ago? It was one of my favorite transformations ever. We ended up moving right after I finished it!:

I plan to do some similar updates to our son’s current bathroom someday. 🙂 

This tip has to do with the height of the shower curtain. You can see in this before photo how his shower curtain used to hang: 

Now I know that some of these example photos have before and afters that involve other updates as well, but focus on the curtains, OK? 😉 

This is actually a better before because you can see the whole shower: 

Here’s the tip (well, two) — they are earth shattering. Get ready.

Raise your shower curtain rod, and raise it as high as you can!:

The short curtain had always bugged me, but I didn’t know how to make a taller one work until I found out there’s such a thing as really long shower curtain liners. That was a game changer. 

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Here’s that before again: 

And the after, with a much higher curtain: 

I know, I know. Lots of other changes too. But it instantly makes the room feel bigger. Taller. Grander. It tricks the eye big time and makes a big difference!

Here’s my other tip — and if you have a decent shower it doesn’t cost a dime. Keep your shower curtain open instead of pulled across. This goes a long way to opening up the room as well. 

If you have a nice shower, show it off. I know if you have little ones your view may not be as pretty with all the bath toys. 😉 But if you like your shower, pull that curtain open! This is especially nice is you have a window in the shower that lets in natural light. 

Short shower curtain makes bathroom feel smaller

Even with the other updates she made, my eye immediately went to that shower curtain! It makes a HUGE difference: 

Raise the shower curtain to make bathroom feel bigger

And she’s showing off that beautiful shower by keeping the curtain open. 🙂 The lower curtain rod cuts the room in two vertically. Bringing it all the way up makes the room feel so much taller. Same concept as windows — installing your drapery hardware higher does the same thing. 

Jen’s bathroom underwent a big renovation, and her curtain was hanging high before: 
Bathroom makeover before

But it makes the room feel grander when it goes from floor to ceiling: 

French blue bathroom makeover

Here’s what you’ll need if you want to do this in your bathroom!

If you love your shower curtain but still want the height, consider a little DIY action to make it longer. You can either sew it or using hemming tape — this is a great example: 

Making pink tile work in a bathroom

They found a curtain they loved, but it was going to be a bit busy with the rest of the room. Instead, she sewed a strip of the fabric onto another shower curtain to give it length and keep that pop of color. I love how she used the rest of it as a shade for the window!

There you go — a super easy way to make your bathroom feel bigger. Raise up those curtains and open them up! Have you tried this trick in your home? You can use the same shower rod — no need to replace that part.

Pin this idea for later!:

Raise shower curtain to make bathroom feel bigger

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