Tips and Highlights for Visiting Zurich

Switzerland is one of these areas people understand from photos or postcards, but have seldom had the opportunity to see.

With the charisma of this Swiss Alps, towns like Lucerne and Zermatt, in addition to the chocolate along with the cheese, there’s so much to see in this nation, it’s frequently difficult to pick!

No thing in which you choose to devote time in Switzerland, one location you may often find yourself is Zurich. And although many individuals are in a hurry to leave this bustling financial metropolis, that there is really a whole lot to see and do. And frequently you can do everything in one day. The town is so compact and easy to navigate on foot.

So, should You Choose to spend a day or 2 in Zurich…


Here are some of the highlights that you definitely should not miss in Zurich:

ETH & The Polybahn

The ETH isn’t just one of the greatest universities in Switzerland but it’s also an wonderful place to find a fantastic view over the town of Zurich. So, I urge you come here right away to receive an excellent summary of the town before you begin researching things farther.

The ETH is attained either by foot approximately 10-15 minutes uphill in the Central tram channel, or through the famous Polybahn cog railroad from next door to Starbucks. That implies you could also stop off to get a coffee before you head upon the train.

The cog railroad is part of this Zurich rail network, so if you purchase a day card for public transportation , this may also be contained.

Once you arrive at the very best, it’s only a brief walk into the ETH Polyterrasse at which you may observe the whole of Zurich spread out before you. This means it’s also a fantastic place for sunset, and the fantastic news is that you can grab a drink from the pupil bar just under the terrace to create that susnet all the better!



Niederdorfstrasse is the main street running through the old city of Zurich and as fortune would have itstarts right alongside the Polybahn rail station. As like it’s a good follow on from up your ride into the ETH.

The road winds its way throughout the East facet of the old city, linking to some other road farther own following the Grossmunster church. This really takes you all of the way to Bellevue along with also the Lake of Zurich, so it may take you a couple of hours to research.

There are comfy side streets, little shops, cafes and pubs, in addition to a massive assortment of restaurants together here. One of that will be popular with tourists since it lets you have a Swiss cheese fondue when soaking up the air of the road. Great on a balmy summer’s night, or perhaps on a cool winter night when cheese fondue is really at its very best!



No trip to the old city of Zurich is complete without popping into the Grossmunster. Not just can it be that the most iconic, and also standout construction across the river running via Zurich. But the stain glass windows indoors are thought to be among the very best in Switzerland, or even Europe.

There is also the chance to scale one of the towers and get still another breathtaking view of Zurich, just now from another standpoint. If you missed the ETH and Polyterrace, then that is an absolute must! And at just 5 Swiss francs, it’s one of the least expensive attractions you’ll see at Switzerland! )


Lake Zurich

Once you get to the end of this old city of Zurich, you arrive in the grandiose and scenic beaches of Lake Zurich. Here you now have a couple choices, depending on the weather and amount of time you have available.

You can require a wander along the beaches in either way. Zurich has maintained quite lots of the cityside lakeshore readily available to the general public. This includes paths, public parks and seats where you could choose 15 minutes to loosen up the lake perspectives, which extend all of the way to the Alps in the space.

There is also the chance to opt for a swim from the lake in summertime. You can jump in by the park itself about Bade Enge, or you could pay to put in the swimming baths themselves. They become a pub at night, and at times have amusement.

On either side you will find also paddle ships readily available for lease, so if swimming isn’t your thing, also it isn’t warm enough, it’s still possible to enjoy the water right! And for the more adventurous, there are also stand up paddle board rentals at different points across the lake that’s a once in a life adventure.



Zurich is famed because of its boatloads of money which are stashed in the vaults of many banks which call this town home. And Bahnhofstrasse is where all of the bankers working there come to shop and hang outside.

So, if you would like to have a sense of how it is to become wealthy , and a small famous, this is the road to drift along. Starting in the lake end of this road, you may pass the likes of Bulgari, Dolce & Gabbana, Jimmy Choo, Cartier, Omega watches, plus a great deal more.

As that you get to the midway point across the road, the purchase price of the merchandise in the stores starts to input the “normal” realm. It is here that you might want to pop into a few of the run of the mill shops such as H&M, Zara, WE along with other brands that you may already know about.

Another good thing about Bahnhofstrasse is that one facet of it’s also the second half of this older city of Zurich. So, should you head off the main road a bit you’ll also find more alleyways and hidden treasures to research .

Some of my favorite areas include:

Lindenplatz that is a place high above the Limmat River in which you’ll be able to relax, or choose one of the greatest photos in Zurich. It includes a view within town as well as the iconic Grossmunster you ideally seen earlier!

St Peter’s Church is tucked away within this region, right across the river, also contains the most significant clockface in Europe. If that you are fortunate enough to hear the bells ring, so you may observe how impressive they’re too.


Chocolate Exploration

Of class you arrived to Switzerland to sample the chocolate, so allow me to give you a couple of hints and how to locate the “good stuff” while researching Zurich.

My absolute favorite is Laderach, and they’re extremely easy to obtain these days. They appear to have an increasing number of stores around Zurich, so that you can’t miss them. From their principal shop on the Bahnhofstrasse, for their smaller store under the train station.

Sprungli is just another complete treasure and scattered in a variety of corners of Zurich. One of the largest stores is around Paradeplatz, halfway along Bahnhofstrasse, in which they also have a cafe. They are well-known for their chocolates and cakes, but their renowned item is that the Luxemburgerli, which is really a macaroon. Grab a little box of blended Luxemburgerli, you won’t regret it.

If you need to sample a few more market chocolatiers instead, you then have a couple alternatives. There is the Max Chocolatier near the Frauenmuster church, the Confiserie Teuscher also close to the St Peter’s church and last but not least – Say Chocolate at the Europaallee, not far from the Sihlpost near the primary train station.


Outdoor Activities

It might look like Zurich is about eating, eating and relaxing, but there are in fact a massive selection of outdoor activities to do this. The woods is just a stone’s throw from town, on virtually all sides, and there’s a lake right in the middle of town. And at the top of this, Switzerland is definitely not level!

The house mountain of Zurich is your Uetliberg, which can be a 15 second train ride from downtown. You may ride the train into the very best and go for a stroll along the ridge path, in addition to take in the magnificent lake views when you’re there. Or, you can increase all the way into the surface from Triemli tram stop, which can be again about 15-20 minutes from downtown.

The goes on the opposite side of this lake in which you have both Zuriberg and Pfannensteil, fantastic places to lose yourself in the woods for hours. ) Of class, you may never really get dropped in Switzerland since another city, road, bus or train is usually only around the corner.

And for individuals wanting to get at a small ski while in city , that’s also quite simple to accomplish. The closest hotels are Flumserberg and Hoch-Ybrig, equally approximately 45 minutes train ride from downtown. So, in case you’re here in the winter of January or February, that there is guaranteed to be some fantastic skiing to be had, even when you just have a couple of days at Zurich! )

Of class, you will find a lot more outdoor activities to appreciate if you venture further afield, but this is for another time.

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