TLC’s January Giveaway: Win a Rug of Your Choice from Miss Amara

It’s time to talk about the best types of rugs for pets, decorating junkies. Because it turns out you can have a four-legged friend and a designer rug that lasts! 

The best part: whether you have pets or not, you can win any rug of your choice from my mates at Miss Amara! Keep scrolling for all the details on TLC’s exciting January competition.

When I shopped for my living room rug a few years back, I never much considered what the best pet friendly rug was. I just got what I liked the look of and called it a day. Turns out, that was a rookie error. One I won’t make again. And one I hope you won’t make either. 

The type of rugs you buy with your pets in mind will differ from your everyday rugs. But here’s the good news: you definitely don’t have to compromise on style. Let’s explore further and chat to the team from Miss Amara to get the lowdown on all things rugs for pets.

And if you’re keen to look at their extensive range of pet friendly rugs, feel free to do that here. The options on offer are stunning.

Best Types of Rugs for Pets: Materials

There are two material types you need to look out for when shopping for rugs with your fur babies in mind: PET and Polypropylene (PP). I asked Vira from Miss Amara to explain what makes each option so good, and she’s given us all the info below.

PET Rugs for Pets

With our PET rugs, you can literally hose the rug down because it’s composed of recycled plastic bottles so it’s water proof,” Vira explains. “In the event your pet has done a little mess, you can just pick it up and spot clean with warm water and a mild detergent so you don’t have to actually hose it down every time!”

Polypropylene Rugs for Pets

“Because our PP rugs are also stain resistant, it’s just as easy to clean piddles,” Vira tells me. “I like to blot the area down with dry paper towels to get most of the liquid out, spray with a mild detergent and then blot it down to dry once more”. 

Vira points out that while you can’t hose down PP rugs like you can with PET rugs, the material in the rug is so easy to clean. And not just pet messes either. For those of us who enjoy a vino, these mishaps are just as easy to sort out.

“For wine spills, I do exactly the same as above. You can literally see the red disappearing”.

multi coloured moroccan style rug in living room miss amara

These Two Rugs Won’t Trap Odours

Having two cats of my own, I have such paranoia that my home is going to have that common crazy-cat-person smell to it. You know; a combo of litter, food and fur. But Vira tells me that the materials in Miss Amara’s pet-friendly rugs prevent smells from getting in.

“Odours are absolutely a huge issue that you don’t have to worry about with our pet friendly rugs,” she explains. “Because of the type of material they are made up of, the odours don’t absorb in the fibres, making them odour resistant”.  

For those of you with puppies in training, Vira tells me there are great odour and stain removal sprays from pet shops that are designed to take the odour out of the rug so your little one won’t go back to the same spot again. 

I’ve used cat-specific ones in the past as well and they’re great at preventing your feisty felines returning to the scene of the crime again.

small brown fluffy dog on pet friendly rug miss amara

Ensuring Longevity of your Pet Friendly Rugs

The rugs we’ve discussed today are amazing, and with a bit of maintenance they’ll last you years. Vira tells me that you just need to vacuum regularly and ensure you rotate the rug for best results.

“Because our PET and Polypropylene rugs are great for high traffic areas, we recommend vacuuming once every week. But please use something that isn’t too powerful. A gentle vacuum to lift out the dust, soil and grit will help prolong the life of your rug”.

Rotating your pet-friendly rugs every six to 12 months is also great to ensure an even wear of the rug. But of course, the rugs aren’t 100% pet proof; excessive scratching or chewing from your furry friend may cause damage over a prolonged period. So don’t go cancelling those puppy training classes just yet 😉

Lykke black diamond pattern rug in home office miss amara

Loads of Other Rug Options Too

I wanted to focus on the best types of rugs for pets in this post. Because, seriously, the struggle to find stylish ones is real! I know so many of you pet parents will find this post a godsend. But keep in mind there are so many other rugs in the Miss Amara range that are also absolutely stunning. So don’t hesitate to take a look at.

From timeless rugs that won’t date, to rugs that fit particular interior design styles, there’s a rug for every home. Think Scandi, boho, and chic monochrome styles to explore. So if you’ve been wanting to shop for a fresh rug for your place, you now have a fabulous new supplier! And if you need help with choosing the right one, check out my no-regret rug buying buying guide here.

And if you’re eager to win a rug from Miss Amara, simply follow the prompts in the giveaway below.

zadar rug by miss amara in bedroom with arch windows behind bed

Win ANY Rug of your Choice from Miss Amara

The lovely team at Miss Amara have been kind enough to offer up a rug that a lucky TLC reader can win. It can be from any pocket of their website – not just the pet-friendly options.

To go in the draw to WIN ANY RUG you like up to 2×3 metres in size:

  • Click here to explore the rugs on the Miss Amara website
  • Come back here and drop a comment below
  • Comment naming your fave design and why – it’s that simple!

Comp is open to Aus residents only. Comp closes 11.59pm Monday February 3. Winner will be announced here and in the TLC newsletter. Good luck everyone! PS all the images in this post have been supplied by Miss Amara.

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