Ka Ho Cho was Redd Foxx’s fourth and last wife before his death in 1991. People knew Foxx for his free-wheeling lifestyle and his numerous relationships with various women.

Redd Foxx was an iconic comedian, actor, and singer who brought laughter and joy to millions of people. He was famous for his television series Sanford and Son, in which he played the lead role of Fred Sanford.

In this blog article, I will be discussing the life and relationship of KaHoCho and Redd Foxx and how their marriage ended in divorce.

Ka Ho Cho’s Early Life

Ka HoCho was born in the Philippines in 1943. She studied dance and ballet and eventually moved to the United States in the 1960s. She started performing in various nightclubs in Las Vegas, where she met Redd Foxx. She’s also a dancer and a singer, and her real name is still a mystery.

Not much is known about her early life, other than the fact that she was born in the Philippines and moved to the United States in the 1960s.

Redd Foxx and Ka Ho Cho’s Relationship History

People believe that Redd Foxx and Ho Cho first met in Las Vegas in the early 1970s and shortly after, they started dating.

Despite Foxx’s numerous relationships with other women, they eventually got married in 1979. In spite of their tumultuous relationship, they continued to remain together until their divorce in 1983.

Redd Foxx and Ka Ho Cho’s Marriage

Ka HoCho and Redd Foxx married in 1979. They had a traditional wedding ceremony with their families and close friends in attendance.

Foxx was almost twice as old as KaHoCho, but they were deeply in love and wanted to make their marriage work.

They moved to Los Angeles and lived together for a few years before their divorce.

Their Divorce

Their marriage was not a happy one.

Foxx’s womanizing ways created a lot of tension in their marriage. They often had arguments and fights, and eventually, they decided to get a divorce in 1983. Foxx was reportedly the one who filed for the divorce.

Ka Ho Cho’s Life After Divorce

After her divorce from Redd Foxx, she moved back to Las Vegas. She returned to her old job as a dancer and singer in nightclubs. And has also involved herself in various charities and begun teaching dance classes.

She kept a low profile and stayed out of the spotlight for many years.

The Aftermath of their Divorce

After their divorce, Ka and Redd Foxx stayed in touch and remained friends.

When Foxx was diagnosed with cancer in 1991, Ka Ho Cho was one of the first people he called, and they often communicated with each other.

She flew to Los Angeles and was by his side until his death.


Ka Ho Cho and Redd Foxx’s relationship was anything but ordinary. They had a turbulent relationship, and their marriage ended in divorce after a few years.

She was able to move on with her life and eventually find happiness. She stayed in touch with Foxx until his death and was there for him during his final days.

Ka Ho Cho’s story is a testament to her resilience and strength, and it serves as an inspiration that it is possible to move on after a difficult relationship.