Whether you’re a small or large business, looking to protect your company’s email, or you just want to keep your inbox free of spam, the positive reviews of email gateway Proofpoint are an important tool to have on your side. These email gateway reviews will help you determine the best option for your needs.

Daily Digests

Getting your hands on a Proofpoint Daily Digest is no small feat. This email gizmo is one of the largest in the company’s arsenal and has a hefty price tag, but the perks are worth it. With an email list of over two million, this slick email service is well worth the investment. Aside from a daily digest, you can opt to get email obliterated, send messages through a personal firewall, and even configure your own email server.

The best part is that Proofpoint’s spam filters can be configured to work with your favorite email client. The Proofpoint name is synonymous with high quality and dependable service, so your emails will be read in a timely fashion. Plus, the Proofpoint app comes with a plethora of handy utilities like a nifty mobile web interface, a handy browser extension, and a feature-rich webmail client. With all of this technology at your fingertips, it’s easy to say goodbye to spam and hello to productivity.

The Proofpoint flagship product is a robust email filtering system that will keep your inbox clutter-free. Aside from spam, you can also block unwanted telemarketers, or at least that’s what your boss is going to tell you. If you need more assistance, the eponymous Proofpoint Support team will gladly assist you in your quest to keep your inbox free from poop.

SpamTitan Email Security

Having an email protection solution is crucial to securing important business transactions. Email security can protect against malicious emails, phishing attacks, and data loss. However, not all email security solutions are created equal. It’s best to compare email security products based on their specific capabilities, integration, and deployment.

One of the top email security solutions on the market today is SpamTitan. It offers protection against malicious emails and provides insights into new threats. Its advanced threat detection, sandboxing, and blacklisting prevents malware from being sent to your inbox. It also includes malware and spam filtering, outbound scanning to find compromised mailboxes, and antivirus protection. It can be purchased as an on-premise or cloud service.

SpamTitan has earned a 4.6/5 rating from G2 Crowd. This is an independent software review site. The platform allows verified users to rate products and leave reviews. It’s a great source of information for IT decision-makers.

Another independent review site, Gartner Peer Insights, gives Proofpoint a 4.6/5 rating. Proofpoint is a popular email gateway security solution and is a proven leader. The company offers an email gateway that includes sandboxing, anti-phishing, and content analysis. It also has advanced threat detection and a machine-learning technology platform that helps detect unknown threats.

The main difference between SpamTitan and Proofpoint is that Proofpoint is an on-premises solution, while SpamTitan is a cloud service. It’s also easier to set up and maintain.


Using an email gateway protects your organization from malicious email. These solutions use behavioral analysis to detect malicious payloads in emails and attachments. They also provide granular filtering to ensure that only legitimate messages pass through.

Secure email gateways are software or hardware appliances that can be deployed in a cloud environment or on-premise. They offer basic message transfer agent functions and inbound and outbound filtering to protect your organization from malware and other threats. They can also provide data loss prevention.

FortiMail is a cloud-based email security service that offers comprehensive email threat protection. It uses advanced technologies from across the Fortinet Security Fabric to provide high-accuracy spam detection. It includes sender reputation, URL analysis, and identity-based encryption. It also offers flexible operating modes. In addition, customers can optionally integrate with FortiSandbox to better detect suspicious emails.

FortiMail also provides malware protection. It uses a global database to identify and block evolving threats. It can also dynamically classify impostor email. It also identifies fraudulent emails by examining the sender’s reputation and domain reputation. It has low false positive rates. It also provides authentication checks to counter domain spoofing. It has an easy-to-use interface.

Several companies are focusing on providing advanced email protection. Proofpoint, Symantec, and Barracuda are a few of them. Each offers a unique feature set and an overall solution.


Several positive reviews of email gateway proofpoint have reassured the users that the product is efficient and effective. In fact, Proofpoint has earned Leader status in the Forrester Wave for Enterprise Email Security. However, there are some weaknesses in the product.

The interface is not very user friendly, and it takes a while to find what you’re looking for. It’s also unclear how to perform specific actions.

While it has received many positive customer reviews, it also has a number of negative ones. For instance, users reported that the search interface is difficult to use. They would like to see the layout and notices improved.

The product also lacks real-time scanning of internal email. This makes it harder for employees to spot threats.

In addition, the company does not provide a robust system for blocking spam emails. Instead, they rely on a Rube Goldberg-style system to scan and quarantine malicious emails.

Similarly, Proofpoint’s URL protection is susceptible to bypass by malformed URLs. The company’s solution uses content analysis and reputation analysis to detect sensitive data and graymail. It uses MLX machine learning technology to perform these tasks.

The most expensive plan includes a 99-year archive. It also includes the CyberGraph add-on that uses artificial intelligence to protect against evasive attacks. It is available as a SaaS offering or appliance.