Things to Consider When Looking for an Office Space

Things to Consider When Looking for an Office Space

Your office space reflects your company culture since it significantly impacts employee productivity, engagement, and satisfaction. However, many businesses worldwide overlook how vital an office space is to an organization’s growth and success. 

According to a survey, 97% of employees say their workplace space reflects how much their employers regard them. Another survey of 1,000 American workers found that only 11% of workers are delighted with their workplace, and over half of those surveyed believe their office design and furnishings lack personality.

To help you get started, here are the top five things to consider when looking for office space. 


Here are two crucial questions to consider when selecting the best location: 

  • Is it possible for my clients to travel there without difficulty? 
  • Is it possible for my employees to get there quickly? 

If you discover an office that checks both boxes, you’re on your way to a terrific location. Consider the neighborhood’s security as well as what’s nearby the office. Is there a gym within walking distance? Is there a coffee store nearby? Is there a bar after work? 

All of these items are crucial for keeping your customers and employees satisfied!


The size of your office should correspond to the size of your business. You don’t want to squeeze your staff into a small place with no breathing room, and you also don’t want to splurge on a large facility that you don’t require.

A typical rule of thumb is that each employee should have about 21 square meters. So, if you have ten employees, you should seek a 210 square meter office space. 

Knowing your sizing requirements will keep you from moving from one office space to another, which is an unnecessary investment. If you intend to expand your business and hire additional staff, you may benefit from a larger, more flexible office space in terms of layout and style.


The cost of office space is something that must be carefully considered. The price impacts your company’s net income and the number of reserves it can hold. 

However, if the office space price or subsidy is too low, it may result in a sub-standard workplace with a bad location and working environment.

If the price is inflated, on the other hand, the business may end up spending more than it can afford, resulting in a high lease and additional fees. Ensure that there are no hidden fees when picking an office space, such as maintenance fees, parking fees, association dues, or any additional fees. Consider whether the lease price is appropriate for the location and amenities provided.


For some businesses, this is a more crucial characteristic than for others. However, nowadays, few organizations can run effectively without access to a reliable internet connection. Internet connectivity is usually included in the rent of some offices, mainly managed or serviced offices. 

However, if you’re renting a place privately, you’ll have to include the expense of setting up a connection and the monthly access fees. The service’s quality and dependability are also important. It’s pointless to pay for a service that is continually interrupted or breaks down under the weight of a hectic day.

Infrastructure does not only refer to the internet. What about mail delivery or phone connections? Although with the prevalence of mobile phones these days, the latter may not be as relevant to you, postal services are still necessary for signed documents and other physical items.


You certainly want your business to operate in a secure and safe environment to protect your assets and the safety of your employees and clients. Aside from ensuring that the crime rate in the region is near nil, it’s also crucial to talk to the landlord about the safety and security measures he’s put in place.

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