Florida Man January 1 – The Shooter & The Toe Sucker

Florida Man January 1 – The Shooter & The Toe Sucker

Florida Man January 1- This week’s edition of Florida Man gives us a collection of terrible incidents that, had they taken place in any other state, would have left you speechless.

Let’s take a look at two truly terrifying events that took place in Florida today. If after reading these stories you feel bad about celebrating your birthday today, please accept our apologies.

Florida Man January 1 – The Adventure of “Toe Sucker”

Last week, deputies in Florida claimed they were seeking a guy accused of breaking into a residence and sucking on a sleeping man’s toes. 

The event happened on Christmas Eve at a residence in Bradenton. According to the reports, the resident awoke to discover the burglar at his feet. 

The victim claimed that the assailant attempted to fondle him while armed. Authorities added that after the two clashed, the suspect broke a window and destroyed the resident’s car windshield before escaping. 

According to records, a 20-year-old male in Bradenton, Florida, told police that he was soundly asleep when the sensation of a stranger licking his toes jolted him awake

The Burglary Police Call

Police officers responding to a burglary call were the first to learn about the strange episode. The victim inquired what the suspect was doing and informed him that he lacked funds. The suspect told him that he was there to suck toes. 

According to reports, the man did not like that a stranger had his toes in his mouth and in response launched a powerful assault that stopped the intruder’s toe-sucking and pushed him from the home.

According to the report, the victim continued to hit the suspect in the mouth and force him out of the bedroom and into the yard. The suspect told the victim he had a gun while forcing him out and then tried to rub the victim’s genital area. The gun was never visible throughout the incident.

The Victim Fought Back

The man beat his attacker for 30 seconds, unfazed by the gun threat.

The man was able to return to his home and call the cops after finally wearing out the toe sucker. On the other hand, the intruder appeared hesitant to stop attacking at that point. 

According to reports, they spoke with the victim, who claimed that he damaged his hands when he hit the intruder. He said that the suspect was a man between 20 and 25 years old, 5 feet 11 inches tall, and had a shaved head. He is also charged with sexual assault and causing over $1,000 in bodily harm to the man’s home and belongings.

According to sources, the perpetrator was neither captured nor recognized.

Next Story: Shooting Practice Gone Wrong

On Monday, a Florida Man January 1 allegedly shot a woman sitting at her dining room table during target practice.

Juan Arreguin, 41, is charged with firing a firearm in public and sending a round into a house.

Deputies responded to a woman’s report of a probable gunshot wound at 12:20 p.m. The victim, who was 21 years old, looked to have injuries to her right arm and side. She told authorities she was sitting at the dinner table next to a window when she heard a loud bang and felt something strike her right arm and side.

Eight to ten feet away from the woman, deputies noticed a gunshot on the floor and close to where she was sitting, they noticed a hole in the window. Prior to being shot, the woman reported to deputies hearing gunshots coming from the house behind her property. The woman was taken to a nearby hospital where she received quick treatment for minor wounds before being let go.

Juan has reportedly been arrested, according to reports.

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