Florida Man January 3 – He Bit the K-9’s Ear

Florida Man January 3 – He Bit the K-9’s Ear

Florida Man January 3 is just one of the 365 Florida Man stories that everyone searches for crazy stories. Everyone knows these men never disappoint. So check out some of their stories here.

Florida Man January 3 – The Plight of a Drinking Straw

Because of a drinking straw, a Florida man attacked a McDonald’s staff. 

This incident took place in a McDonald’s in St Petersburg, Florida. Daniel Willis Taylor, a Florida man, assaulted McDonald’s waitress Yasmine James by grabbing her blouse for refusing to give him a straw. 

Yasmine James got mad. So she retaliated and assaulted Taylor. According to the statement, Taylor was ranting and begging the woman for a straw. On the other hand, the woman was attempting to explain pleasantly that, according to the legislation, having straws on the counter in restaurants is illegal from 2020.

As a matter of fact, this is a real law. Restaurants shouldn’t leave plastic straws on counters. Taylor, according to reports, did not accept this response.

Enraged by the circumstances, Taylor assaulted Yasmine James. Taylor allegedly hit another officer in the stomach as he walked away, according to police. 

McDonald’s employees did not have permission to speak with the local press. McDonald’s issued a statement declaring that “the safety and well-being of our customers and workers is our top priority.” 

According to reports, the police apprehended Taylor due to the store footage. According to local media accounts, Yasmine James is still an employee at McDonald’s.

Florida Man January 3 – High, Nude, and Biting an Ear of A Dog?

According to authorities, on January 3rd, a Florida man was charged with assaulting an officer and biting the ear of a K-9 dog, while nude and high on methamphetamines. 

They arrested Donald Watts, 38, on numerous offenses on Saturday. Which includes two counts of resisting an officer/arrest and one case of an aggravated attack on a service dog. 

According to reports, someone summoned the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office to a home on SE Brawley Terrace in High Springs, a little over 70 miles west of Jacksonville, on Saturday morning over reports that a man, later identified as Watts, was taking methamphetamines.

Dispatch received a second call from someone in the same neighborhood. They reported a weird man in their yard with a flashlight while they were on the scene. When deputies searched the yard, they heard “odd noises” and soon found Watts, naked and coated in mud, sleeping in what looked to be a shallow body of water. 

Watts allegedly raced under the porch of a mobile home and assaulted one of the deputies who attempted to apprehend him. According to the report, several attempts to deploy a Taser on the offender were unsuccessful, prompting cops to wait for a K-9 unit. 

The two responding deputies, five backup deputies, and a K-9 handler with his dog Casper found Watts in the woods.

Casper would apprehend Watts, but Watts leaped, seized Casper by the head, and bit Casper’s ear as he drove Casper to the ground.

The dog eventually got free and bit Watts in the head. 

Watts was apprehended by deputies and taken to the hospital before being transported to the county prison. He was being held there on a $37,000 bond.

To Wrap It Up

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