Why are Spiral Bound Booklets Popular These Days?

Why are Spiral Bound Booklets Popular These Days?

There are many benefits to spiral-bound booklets. For example, they’re very durable and have a very professional finish. These booklets are great for employee training, lookbooks, and safety manuals. They’re also great for field training, design services, and technical direction. Visit sites such as https://www.printivity.com/booklets/spiral-bound-booklets to check their services.

Comb binding

Comb-bound spiral-bound booklets are a smart option for many people these days. They are a cost-effective way to bind documents. The combs used in comb binding are flexible and can accommodate a quarter-inch or less thick documents. In addition, they are inexpensive and can be purchased in a wide variety of colors. For various purposes, comb binding is an excellent option for any booklet type.

Comb binding uses a 9/16″ pitch pattern on the sheets, and a plastic “comb” is fed through the slits to hold them together. The combs are easily disassembled and can be replaced with another if necessary. Comb supplies come in a variety of colors and diameters, and they can even be reused. In the United States, comb binding is also known as a “19-ring” binding.


Spiral-bound books are highly durable and flexible, making them an excellent choice for textbooks and other thick books. They are often inexpensive, making spiral-bound books a cost-effective option for home and business use. The spiral-bound format also allows for easy flipping and laying flat. The spiral-bound book also allows for high-quality printing, resulting in realistic photographs and full-color illustrations.

Spiral-bound booklets often have a perfect-bound cover and an evenly rounded spine. This method makes the documents look professional and offers a clean, square spine. The pages are either stapled or cut, and the name comes from the way the pages rest on the staples. 

Finished look

Spiral-bound books are an excellent option for books with a large amount of content. This binding is often done on heavy-weight stock and can provide a finished look to your document. The covers can also be laminated or printed in multiple colors. Spiral coils are available in many colors and can be used to create various designs for your books. Consider using a two-pronged metal wire if you want a more professional look for your spiral-bound books. This method is similar to spiral binding but offers many advantages, including a professional, finished look.

Spiral binding is the most popular, as it accommodates large page counts and allows pieces to lay flat when opened. The spiral binding uses a long plastic coil inserted into the first hole on the edge of the group of pages and then wound through the holes in the book. Spiral-bound books are long-lasting and durable.


If you’d like to print spiral-bound booklets, there are a few steps to take. The first step is to select your document’s size and paper stock. This will help you to minimize your print cost. After that, you’ll need a coil binder. A coil binder is a machine that rolls a plastic coil through punched holes in the document. There are also specific steps for coil binding, including punching and assembling the different book elements.

Spiral-bound books can contain various pages, depending on the coil’s diameter and the paper’s thickness number of pages.

The maximum number of pages in spiral-bound booklets depends on the size of the book and the type of paper used. The thickness of the paper used for these books is about 0.0038 inches. This means that a 1.75-inch page block can contain up to 460 pages.

The coils used to spiral-bind the pages vary in size, depending on the thickness of the paper. For thicker books, the coils will have larger diameters. This will ensure stable spirals and prevent the pages from falling out. In addition, spiral books have different materials for their covers, so they have a better look and feel.

Hole spacing

You can choose to have maximum hole spacing on spiral-bound booklets. However, thinner papers may be able to do more. In addition to hole spacing, the cover size is also essential. A thick cover will appeal more to clients browsing the document. Maximum hole spacing on spiral-bound booklets should be around 11 to 12 inches. The covers of spirals can be made of card stock or clear plastic.

The most common spiral coil book binding style is the plastic spiral coil. Plastic spiral coils come in various colors and can accommodate books up to 2″ thick. They can also accommodate a 20-inch binding edge.

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